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PlaymakersYouth Theatre
Playmakers - Get Involved

Playmakers Youth Theatre - Get Involved


Getting involved in Playmakers Youth Theatre is simple! Just come to an audition ready to sing a short song. Playmakers is a fun, welcoming environment where everyone has a chance to shine.

Show fees (per production):
JCC Member Rate:
$70 for first child; $60 for second child
Community Rate:
$120 per child


Thank you for your interest in the 2017-2018 Playmakers Youth Theatre Teen Leadership Development Program. This program is designed to help teach positive leadership skills to students in grades 10-12 through the lens of theatre.  These skills are transferable and can be used in college and any job outside of the theatre world.  Skills include but are not limited to: working with peers, child development, understanding your leadership style and the styles of those around you, conflict resolution, and many more.  Please click below for more information and the application form.

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For more information about Playmakers Youth Theatre classes, auditions or productions, please call the box office at (216) 831-0700, ext.1230 or e-mail playmakers@mandeljcc.org.


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