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Why I Love The Mandel JCC

Kate U., 70
Re: My 70-year-old New Bod

It was last January when i received the $75-off coupon to join the J. Curiously I ventured into this wellness palace. But as soon as I entered the doorway, a vortex! Whoosh! "You're new?" Let's give you a tour. Can we do a fat evaluation? (Was I fat?) What can the J do for you? Delightful voices... all eager to make a new me. That was then....

Now it's December and my initial adventure required committment....Of course, there was the requisite sweat and pain and time away from 10 grandkids. Personal trainer, Travis Rogen, refused to allow me to move any slower than a teenager. PULHEEEZE Travis! I'm old! I pleaded. HIs cold response. COme onnn, Kate! Well, here's the payoff! I've lost 5 inches from my midriff; 2 1/2 inches from my waist; 2 inches from the "jellyroll" around the middle; 1 1/2 inches from each of my arms; 1 1/2 inches from each of my thighs. I fit into clothes i haven't worn for years and look great in them!

...Thanks J and Travis!
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 "We love the J--it's a wonderful family experience!" Joseph Jody, Scott & Jack S.

Kathryn M. began training with Danette at The Mandel JCC about a year ago and it changed her life. As Kathy writes, "...With Danetteís guidance I have gained confidence and have noticed dramatic changes in my body such as the development of muscles I never knew I had and improved posture. For the first time in my life I had the confidence to wear a strapless dress to a cocktail party. My check up with my doctor has also revealed dramatic changes. Iíve reduced my body fat by more than 10%, my total cholesterol is down significantly, and I stand nearly an inch taller.

Like all runners I began to imagine completing a marathon... Together, running and strength training have become a pathway to a better life for me. In 18 months, I went from less than one lap around the track to a marathon. I am happier, look better, feel better, have more energy, and feel more at peace than I ever have before. Thanks ĎJí, thanks Danette!" 

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Shannon K., 23, has been a member of the J since she was ten years old. Shannon works out at the end of her work day and on weekends. She likes to exercise with personal trainers and use equipment in the fitness center such as the elliptical, treadmill and arc trainer. "I come to the JCC to release stress and get the health benefits. I enjoy seeing friends from the community. In fact, sometimes it can take a half hour until I start my workout because Iím so busy catching up with people."

Shane O., 32, a member for almost two years, joined because of the friendly atmosphere. Heís worked out at other places, but found the J to be a very comfortable, "homey" place. "The JCC has been a blessing in my life ... to get healthy spiritually, mentally and physically," says Shane. He stays in shape with boot camp, zumba, cycling, power sculpting, and yoga classes. Shane benefits from the comprehensive class schedule the J offers.


Rochelle L., 57, finds peace and tranquility in her yoga classes. She also does power sculpt to keep her toned body in shape. "The JCC is an integral part of my life. I've been an active member ever since my kids went to pre-school ... both went to Camp Wise ... I had the first Bar Mitzvah party in Stonehill Auditorium ... my husband swims at the "J" everyday ... and my workout lets me enjoy the facility. It's home to me."

Gregg L., 51, a member for over 15 years, believes the J is a great place for summer camps, the arts, and working out. Greg pumps iron in the weight room and jogs 16-36 miles per week on the treadmills (or outdoors). "I like being able to exercise at a place where my friends are, and to be able to support the Jewish community at the same time." Here, at the JCC, he is able to get both of those benefits.

Sue W., 75, joined four years ago for the health benefits --- specifically, water aerobics classes that she takes three times a week. "Water aerobics help me stay in shape and control my weight," says Sue. She enjoys the classes as a way to stay motivated, physically fit, and social at the same time.

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