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Why I Love Playmakers

"In working for Sheri and being a part of this program, I have grown into the person I am today. I was never the lead role but that wasn’t what mattered. Playmakers is not about getting the lead but becoming a leader.

Currently I work at the Weinstein JCC in Richmond, VA as the Children, Family and Camp Director. Without Sheri and the Playmakers program, I would not be in Virginia living out my dreams.

When someone asks you if your life is fantastic, if you are involved in the Playmakers Youth Theater the answer is most certainly yes."

- Alex Ross

 "Playmakers is truly a community unlike any other that I’ve ever been a part of. It is a place that taught me what hard work and true friendship are, and falling in love with my counselor position made me realize that I want to spend my life working with kids in education.

I can go months without seeing my friends here, but we always start off right where we left off, and they know me better than anyone. I have laughed and cried for hours on end with them, talking about the past and the future, back when saying goodbye was not even imaginable. However, now that I graduated and am miles away from Fairmount Temple, I realize that, like many other things, it was not truly goodbye, because real families never come to an end."

– Jamie Forman


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