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Our Red Cross certified staff will watch your children in our newly renovated facility while you exercise!

 It is a pleasure to get back into working out and have the great babysitters at Kid Kare for a small "mom break." Without The J, I wouldn't be able to do this! - Rebecca Kramer

2 months to 9 years

High child to caregiver ratio

Monday -- Friday: 8:30 am-12 pm
Monday -- Thursday: 3:30 pm- 6:30 pm (summer hours)
Saturday hours: 8:30 am -1 2:30 pm

Sundays: 8:30 am -12:30 pm

Reservations are recommended 24 hours in advance. Call (216) 831-0700 ext. 1370 to reserve your spot daily, weekly, or monthly.

Parents/guardians must remain on the Mandel JCC property while children are in our care.

Kid Kare is closed on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day & Fourth of July.


Infants & children in diapers:

  • One Child: $40/month
  • Two Children: $60/month
  • Additional Children: $5/month

Potty-trained children:

  • One Child: $20/month
  • Two Children: $30/month
  • Additional Children: $5/month

One potty-trained child plus one infant: $50/month

Late pick-up and diaper charges may apply.

Drop-in Care
Drop-in begins 1/2 hour after Kid Kare opens, when space is available.Check monthly calendar for special holiday schedules.
Fee: $5/hour/child