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Big Weight Loss Challenge2015


Congratulations to our winners and all of the participants!








Jay Hunt- 15% change in body weight

During the 8-week competition, Jay Hunt spent most of his time in the pool. Although he went the solo route for his workouts, he wasn't alone in support. Jay said a comment from one of The J's lifeguards turned the competition around for him.

"I was getting out of the pool one day and Carla (the lifeguard) noticed I had lost weight," he said. "That one comment gave me the encouragement to keep going and motivated me to want to win."

Cutting back on calories and an additional meal a day also contributed to Jay's 15% change in body weight. His advice to people trying to make lifestyle changes, including weight loss?

"Surround yourself with good people and there are good people here (at The J)," he said. "I've trained all over the world and am a 24-year military veteran and this place is second to none in terms of what is offered for fitness."







Sheila Lodwick- 8% change in body weight

Many of us can relate to Sheila's weight loss journey. An injury and working from home made it tough for her to workout. Sheila said an email about the Big Weight Loss Challenge was what she needed to get back on track and jump start her fitness.

"I decided I would set modest goals- lose a pound a week," she said. "After I lost eight pounds, I was more motivated to keep going." 

Sheila points to the enthusiasm and encouragement of the personal trainers who taught the group classes, especially Joe Morrison, and diet advice from Pauline Calabrese, as highlights of the contest for her. 

"My family was encouraging but the reinforcement from the staff meant everything," she said. 

Another very positive takeaway for Sheila was the camaraderie she found in being part of a group. 

"I would see other members from my group classes or on the track and the locker room and it was nice to see a familiar face," she said. "It really makes you feel like you are part of a community."