June 25, 10 am - 3 pm: Family Fun Day is THIS SUNDAY at Halle Park in Burton, OH. Parking is at Kent State Geauga Campus, 14111 Claridon Road, Burton, OH 44021. Complimentary shuttle provided. Details and fees below. Please call 216.831.0700 ext. 0.
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Beachwood Personal Training

Jump Start Program

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Jump Start your fitness plan at The J!

Set your goals and develop an action plan in this private one-on-one program with a personal trainer. It’s a great way to get results and optimize your workout.

New members receive two private Jump Start appointments with a certified trainer – $130 value!

Session 1

  • Set a cardio workout plan, and exercise on the cardio equipment in the fitness center with an emphasis on optimizing your workout to suit your interests and meet your goals
  • Discuss your goals, receive a medical assessment and create a Fitness Profile on the high-tech Visual Fitness Planner
  • You’ll get a customized plan for strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility
  • Learn about muscle metabolism,common exercise mistakesand how to furtheryour fitness & trainingprogram

Session 2

  • Receive a complete strength training plan and learn how to safely and effectively  use the resistance machines in the fitness center
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words. Experience the high-tech Visual Fitness Planner and see a before and after image of what your body will look like once you reach your goals
  • Calculate your health-age and receive a health-risk assessment
  • With your customized action plan, including a workout schedule and timetable, you're now all set to reach your fitness goals
  • For an additional fee, we offer a comprehensive free-weight orientation. Please contact Rich for details.
  • See your before-and-after image with The J’s Visual Fitness Planner 

Sign up for your Jump Start today! Offer expires 30 days after the start of your membership.Contact Rich: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1398 • rzatta@mandeljcc.org.

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