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Mandel JCC's Leonard Krieger Cleveland Jewish FilmFest - Nina's Home*

Nina's Home*

(France, 2005, 107 minutes French with English subtitles Director: Richard Dembo)

Wednesday, October 21, 7:30 pm, Cedar Lee Theatre

Agnès Jaoui captures the warmth and wisdom of the real-life Nina, director of a “house of hope” established by the French government for Jewish children who survived World War II in hiding. When new arrivals, boys who survived Nazi concentration camps, clash with the original residents, Nina is challenged to maintain harmony while the children cope with each other and the war’s aftermath.




Toyland (*Shown with “Utopia” and “Nina’s Home”)
(Spielzeugland Germany, 2008, 13 minutes, German with English subtitles, Director: Jochen Freydank)

Winter 1942. A small town in Germany. Despite her good relations with her neighbors, the Silbersteins, Marianne feels ambivalent about associating with them in dangerous times. Nevertheless, Marianne’s young son Heinrich is best friends with David, the son of the Silbersteins. Knowing her neighbors’ deportation is imminent, Marianne tells her son the Silbersteins are going on a trip to Toyland. Winner of the 2008 Academy Award for short film (live action).