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Preschool & Childcare

Beachwood Child Care - 4-year olds

More to Explore - Afternoon care & enrichment


The Mandel JCC's Preschool offers this Innovative Afternoon Child Care Enrichment Program

Ages: Pre-K. Child must turn 4 by Sept. 30

Program Details:

  • Monday-Friday • 12:30-2:30 pm
  • Children in More to Explore come together each afternoon from different Pre-K classes.


More to Explore for Pre-K Students

Children have a strong disposition to explore and discover. Their natural curiosity beckons them to question, connect, problemsolve, communicate and reflect. But all exploration is not equal. In More-to-Explore, children are provided with experiences that offer new challenges and lead to new discoveries.

Enriched Learning
half-day preschoolMore-to-Explore exposes children to a different type of study, the Project Approach, for enriched afternoon learning.

  • A project is defined as an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of children’s attention and effort. Teaching and learning become interactive processes.
  • The Project Approach enables children to accomplish the following:
    • Engage in an in-depth study of a topic.
    • Engage in data collection and organization.
    • Use of variety of modes to represent data.

Beyond the Classroom
Authentic learning extends beyond the classroom. It becomes the work of “real life” and deepens children’s understanding about how the world works.

  • Children in More-to-Explore use the outdoors as a classroom laboratory
  • Fall, Winter and Spring bring new and exciting learning opportunities.

Direction & Freedom
beachwood preschoolChildren need a mixture of direction and freedom. They need direction that guides them on the right path and provides the necessary scaffolding for their emerging ideas and skills. Project Approach work is conducted in three phases:

  • Children share experiences, ideas and information they already know related to the topic of study.
  • Children work individually and in small groups to gather additional data and information. They represent their findings with a variety of mediums.
  • Children complete their investigation and display their findings. Detailed documentation shows them at work during the investigation.

Broad Jewish Focus
Teaching values to children requires open communication, continuing adult education and teaching by example.

  • Jewish values, traditions and observances are actively explored and studied.
  • Increased self-management skills and pro-social behaviors are continually modeled and practiced
Effective parent-teacher communication is necessary to develop strong, healthy and vibrant learning communities.
  • Strong communication is a benchmark of the More-to-Explore program.
  • In-depth classroom newsletters and photo essays keep parents fully informed about their child’s school experiences.
  • Classroom learning is thoughtfully documented and displayed using photographs, dictations and children’s work samples