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Arts, Ideas & Jewish Life

The J’s Arts, Ideas & Jewish Life  program offers a wide array of dynamic recreational, social and educational programs; all designed to help you engage with the arts, Jewish life and contemporary issues. 

Upcoming Programs

Women's Megillah Reading
Women of all denominations are invited to come hear the story of Esther. Dress in your "Purim best". Light refreshments will be served, children are welcome.

When: Thursday, March 1 • 9 am
Where: Mandel JCC Stonehill Auditorium
For Info: Nancy Zimmerman, nzimmerman@mandeljcc.org • (216) 831-0700 ext. 1314

Israeli Film Tuesdays
When: March 6, April 3 & May 22 • 10 am - 12 pm
Stonehill Auditorium
Fee: Free, Registration required • To register contact: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 or  ideas@mandeljcc.org

Tuesday, March 6 – Campfire, Director: Joseph Cedar, 2004
Set in Israel in the year 1981. Rachel, a 42 year-old widowed mother of two teenage daughters, wants to join the founding group of a new religious settlement in the West Bank. The settlement’s acceptance committee won’t approve her unless she remarries and demonstrates that she and her daughters can meet the group’s religious and ideological standards. When Tami, her youngest daughter, is accused of seducing some boys from her youth movement, Rachel is forced to make a decision. Only the new man in Rachel’s life can show Rachel that living as an outcast is not as bad as it seems.



Tuesday, April 3 - Walk on Water, Director: Eytan Fox, 2004
Eyal, an Israeli Mossad agent, is given the mission to track down and kill the aged Alfred Himmelman, an ex-Nazi officer, who might still be alive. Pretending to be a tourist guide, he befriends his grandson Axel, in Israel to visit his sister Pia. The two men set out on a tour of the country during which, Axel challenges Eyal's values.

Tuesday, May 22 - The Band’s Visit, Director: Eran Kolirin, 2007
A band comprising of members of the Egyptian police force head to Israel to play at the inaugural ceremony of an Arab arts center, only to find themselves lost in the wrong town.

Jewish Arts & Culture Lab Alumni Pop-Up Show
 After four sessions with a Jewish educator and engaging in a critique process, the alumni will show their interpretation of the theme, Crossing the Threshold". 
Opening Reception & Fellow Pre-exhibition: Thursday, March 15 • 7-8:30 pm
Exhibition Dates: March 15 - 29
Where: Legacy Village next to Contessa Gallery
Fee: Free & open to the community 

Between the Lines Women's Book Club
Connect with book lovers in this lively monthly book group for women in their 30s, 40s & 50s. 
Location varies

For Info: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348  ideas@mandeljcc.org
Free & open to the community

Jewish Book Club
Gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment from the books you read, while making new friends at this monthly book club. Led by moderator and librarian Andrea Davidson. Registration required. 
When: March 7 • 11 am - 12 pm

Where: Mandel JCC
Book:  The Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff
Fee: Free for members / $10 Community (includes all sessions)
For Info: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org

Beginning Drawing
In this beginners class, you will learn to draw forms using, lines and values. Supplies needed: drawing pencils both B’s and H’s, drawing paper tablet, kneaded eraser and ruler. Instructor Jennifer Theil.
When: Fridays • 10 am- 12 pm
Winter Session II: Feb 2, 9, 16, March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 13
Spring Session: April 20 - June 8
Where:  Mandel JCC, Multi-Purpose Room 2
$65 Members / $75 Community
For Info: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org

Painting with Pastels, Colored Pencils and other media
Discover the beauty, magic and excitement of painting with a variety of media. Learn about light, color and composition while using the medium of your choice: water color, colored pencils, pen and ink, graphite or pastels. All levels welcome. Instructor Jennifer Theil will discuss supplies at the first class.
When: Fridays • 1-3 pm
Winter Session II: Feb 2, 9, 16, March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 13
Spring Session: April 20 - June 8
Where: Mandel JCC
Fee: $65 Members/ $75 Community
For Info: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org



News of the Week
This popular series will explore the issues of the day/week plus provide historical context for 'current events'. Opinions are welcomed and encouraged in this interactive class.  Led by Terry Pollack.  One session will be offered for this course.

When: March 26 - May 14 • 10:15 am - 11:15 pm
Where: Mandel Community Room

Fee: $65 members / $75 Community 
For Info:
 (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org



Influential Politicians
Who is the most influential politician in history? Do great people make history or does history make the individual great?" A review of important figures such as Hamilton, Mandela, Churchill, Caesar, Lenin, etc., study their accomplishments and lessons learned from their actions which can help us better understand the context of today’s political climate. Led by Terry Pollack.

When: March 26 - May 14 • 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Where: Mandel Community Room

Fee: $65 members / $75 Community 
For Info:
 (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org  



Terry and Jerry: World Issues
Explore both domestic and international issues in the era of the Trump presidency.  Discuss how previous administrations handled our world in crisis. Led by Terry Pollack and Jerry Graham.   

When: April 4 - May 16 • 10:00 am - 11:15 am
Where: Stonehill Auditorium 

Fee: $80 members / $90 Community 
For Info:
 (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 • ideas@mandeljcc.org   


Introduction to Judaism
In partnership with the Cleveland Board of Rabbis
Explore Jewish observance of the holidays and life-cycle events, major periods in Jewish history, and more.Three six-week sessions with a different rabbinic instructor for each block.Participants may join the class at the beginning of each section.
When: February 8 - March 8 • 7-9 pm

Where: Mandel JCC
Fee: $225 per individual or couple
To Register: (216) 831-0700 ext. 1348 •

Rosh Chodesh Rhythm of the Months: Walking Meditation
Join us on the first morning of every Hebrew month as we spend time outdoors to reflect on the cycles of nature, the rhythms of the Jewish calendar.
When: March 17 (Nisan), April 16 (Lyar), May 26 (Sivan)
Where: Horseshoe Lake, Shaker Heights
(meet on the bridge at the lake outlet – west end of the lake)

Fee: FREE, no pre-registration required
Info: Kirby Date, kdate@sbcglobal.net


Please note, unless otherwise specified, all programs above take place at the Mandel JCC.
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Accommodation for the Mandel JCC Arts and Culture Program provided by: Marriott Cleveland East



Local Public Funding Supports & Enriches the Work of the
Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland  


Over the past eight years, the Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland has received over $215,500 in support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, which has helped bring tremendous films from throughout the world which otherwise would not be accessible in the community. The support has enabled The J to bring in special guests to enhance the audience experience, expand to new audiences through the use of new venues and broaden marketing efforts to reach new constituents. The festival’s popularity continues to grow annually and would not have that opportunity without the base of support from CAC.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture is the public funder of arts and culture organizations, programs and events in Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s sole funding source is a dedicated cigarette tax levied within Cuyahoga County. Established by voters in 2007, CAC has awarded over 1,200 grants since then, distributing over $125 million in tax dollars to more than 300 organizations based in the County. 

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s sole funding source is a dedicated tax within Cuyahoga County. Renewal of this funding source will be on the ballot on November 3 for voters to consider. Click here to learn more about this important source of public funding.