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J-Day Camps

Ansifield Specialty Tracks

Spend your morning exploring your favorite interests, spend the afternoon participating in the incredible activities that Anisfield has to offer. Space is limited – don’t miss these incredible, one-of-a-kind camp experiences!


Specialty Tracks Options • Grades 2-5

Week 1
Campfire Cooking
• Welcome to Hogwarts

Week 2
• Color War Camp
• Farm to Table

Week 3
• Playmakers at Anisfield 

Mini Mensches
Snapology Lego Robotics (K-2)

Week 4
no camp on July 4
Upcycled Art 
• Outdoor Adventures 


Week 5
Cartooning 101
• Mini Mensches
Snapology Lego Robotics at Safran Park (Grades K-2)

Week 7
• Playmakers at Anisfield 
• Hogwarts
• Snapology Lego Robotics at Safran Park (Grades 2-5)

Week 8 
• Cartooning 101
• Wearable Arts

Week 9
Game On! Sports 4 Girls
• Stop Action Animation

Snapology at Safran Park (K-5)


Campfire Cooking 
Campers will learn the importance of growing your own food and cooking with it.  This fun filled week of culinary exploration will include preparing garden beds, starting seeds, planting seedlings, tending to the land and harvesting produce.  After the harvest, by the warmth of the campfire, we will cook our fresh vegetables, grains, and fruits in seasonal recipes using techniques used by real chefs!  Campers will learn about the connection between what you eat, where it comes from, and the cycle of food production.  In addition, we will look at our Jewish tradition and incorporate food and recipes from our native land and explore the culinary world of Judaism.  Every day will have a different culinary theme where we will cut, chop and measure out delicious snacks and meals as a community. 

Welcome To Hogwarts 
Get your wands and broomsticks ready to soar into the Harry Potter universe in this exciting camp! Our staff will lead campers through an interactive world of magic and wizardry. From potions class and Quidditch practice to defense against the dark arts and crafts, aspiring young witches and wizards will explore this magical world through dozens of games and crafts, cooking projects, scavenger hunts, and more!

Color War Camp
Let the games begin! Campers will spend the week decked out in one of two colors creating a theme and cheering on their teams, competing in fun, zany events and relays, designing mascot costumes and themed decorations, and helping their teams earn points to win a number of end-of-week awards. There will be something for everyone this week as campers participate in creative activities including art, swimming, sports, cooking, a color run and more! These campers will also act as camper captains for our ALL CAMP. This summer camp staple is sure to be a week of wild and wacky fun.

Farm To Table
Campers will learn about producing their own foods, participate in a garden and food field trip, and enjoy a hands-on experience using food from our camp garden. Campers will both work in the garden and prepare dishes with the foods that they grow. They will also compile a recipe book with farm-fresh dishes to create at home.

Playmakers at Anisfield
Led by two of our amazing Performing Arts Camp Staff, we hope your campers are ready for the limelight! Warm up those pipes and get your dancing shoes on for this musical theatre workshop! Campers will learn music and choreography to some of the most popular musical theatre productions. The week concludes with a live showcase for Anisfield (available for friends and family to view on Facebook live).

Mini Mensches
A “mensch” is a person of integrity and honor. Throughout the course of the week, our campers will have the chance to implement these traits by learning about giving back (Tzedakah), helping others, saving the environment, and more. Campers will participate in group projects across campus and experience how to truly make a difference.

Upcycled Art
In this unique class, students will use recycled materials collected on-site at Anisfield Day Camp to create original works of art and useful crafts. Turn an empty bottle into a terrarium or an old newspaper into a 3D paper mache sculpture. Although purchased art supplies and materials will be used, each project will include recycled materials. By the end of the class, students will begin seeing their discarded materials as art supplies – and thinking before throwing away recyclable materials.

Outdoor Adventures at Anisfield
Campers will explore the outdoors through fun, engaging, and challenging adventures. Campers will earn achievement badges as they complete activities such as fort and raft-building, hiking and climbing, and learning how to build a campfire. Campers in outdoor adventure will also experience an overnight camping experience at Anisfield Thursday, July 6. 

Cartooning 101
A studio course for young, aspiring cartoonists designed to introduce and develop a diverse set of skills around this eclectic medium.  Students will work individually and collaboratively to develop their own characters and stories. While the class is primarily a studio course, lectures will introduce students to the nature and history of cartooning (narrative sequential art/storytelling) – with a specific focus on Cleveland’s influential cartooning professionals and their work. Class begins with collaborative games designed to help generate ideas and establish a collaborative environment. By the end of the week, each student will have created a comic book or poster-sized comic strip with original characters in a unique story. During Sculpey Day, students will use colorful polymer clay to bring their characters to life as handmade 3D figurines. If time allows, students will create a set of hand-drawn artist trading cards featuring their characters.

Snapology Lego Robotics at Safran Park 
If you like LEGO® bricks, you'll love Snapology at Safran Park!  Campers attending this unique LEGO camp are guided by Snapology instructors through interactive lessons and an introduction to LEGO robotics with easy-to-use software. Teams will build different LEGO creations each day and learn to make their models move!  Campers will also enjoy themed lessons such as LEGO® City, Pokemon and Angry Birds. In addition to all of the fun with LEGOS, there will be time for creative LEGO play and building, outdoor activities and campers will swim each day too!

Wearable Arts at Anisfield 
This camp will feature all the upcoming style trends and allow our fashion designers to create wearable one of a kind designs! In addition to an outfit, their very own fashion line will include accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. The girls will design their own fashion line and show them off in a runway show (available via Facebook Live for friends and families to watch).

Game On! Sports 4 Girls 
Girls can spend three weeks participating in a wide variety of sports, uniquely customized for all skill levels. Learn technique, self esteem and how to be healthy.

Stop Action Animation 
Have fun while making movies using stop motion animation. If you are interested in making a piece of clay come to life, creating scenes like the ones in the lego movie, or just magically sliding around on screen than this is the place for you. We will be exploring different ways to animate objects in creative and interesting ways. 

Snapology at Safran Park
If you like LEGO® bricks, you'll love Summer Camp with Snapology at The J!  Playing with LEGO® bricks is fun and educational!  Our campers are guided by Snapology instructors through interactive lessons and an introduction to robotics with easy-to-use software.  Teams will build different creations each day and learn to make their models move!  Campers will also enjoy themed lessons such as LEGO® City, Pokemon and Angry Birds. There will be time for free-building, outdoor play and swimming each day.

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